Extra-neutral alcohol (ENA) is a high-purity potable alcohol (ethanol) derived from sugarcane molasses via fermentation, distillation and precision rectification. It is also blended into certain other spirits within the scope of prevailing regulations.

Ethanol- Head & Tail 91% - 92%

known as Ethanol Low Grade /B Grade or Head & Tail with the strength of 91% -92% by v/v. It is a by-product of the distillation and rectification process of neutral alcohol. Heads and tails are used directly in many cleaning products and as a low-grade industrial alcohol.

Fusel Oil

It is a Bi- product of Ethanol called Fusel oil having density about 0.8397 g/cm3 and combination of N-Propanol, N-Butanol, Iso Amyl Alcohol.